Facebook Restricts Fake Republican Senate Candidate Dr. Oz

Facebook Restricts Fake Republican Senate Candidate Dr. Oz

In my life I’ve never voted for a Democrat and that won’t be changing until I die and they register me to vote from the grave. But there are many Republicans that I refuse to support. The highest profile version of a RINO (Republican In Name Only) is Dr. Mehmet Oz who is running for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania.

He needs to be prevented from winning the GOP nomination for next year’s election. With that said, I am forced to defend him a bit. Well, sort of. I’m not a political campaign consultant but if I was, I wouldn’t be running ads on Facebook. They hate conservatives and we don’t need to feed them any more of our time, energy, or money. But censorship is censorship so I have to call it out even if it harms a candidate I do not like.

Here’s the story by Christina Maas at Reclaim The Net:

Facebook restricts ads account of Senate candidate Dr. Oz

Celebrity surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, who plans to run for Senate in Pennsylvania on the Republican ticket, has accused Facebook of trying to silence him. Dr. Oz claims Facebook put restrictions on his ad account.

“Facebook, also recently known as @Meta put restrictions on my ad account … it has been over 24 hours, and they are still silent and won’t explain why they are doing this,” Oz said in a Twitter post. “Big Tech and the media will not silence me,” he added.

It is not clear why Facebook has restricted Dr. Oz’s ad account.

Last month, Oz announced that he would be running for Senate as a Republican Party candidate in the state of Pennsylvania.

“I’m running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania because America needs a Conservative Republican to cure what’s wrong with Washington. I’m a world-class surgeon, fighter and health care advocate stepping forward to cure our country’s ills. Watch my announcement video now!” Oz said in a promotion video on Nov. 30.

Dr. Oz rose to fame through his syndicated talk show called “Dr. Oz.” On Monday he announced that the show will be replaced by a cooking show featuring his daughter.

Sony said that the last episode of Dr. Oz’s show will air on January 14.

TV stations in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and New York had already removed Dr. Oz’s show because the Federal Communications Commission “equal time” rules would allow rival candidates to seek equal air time.

Censorship Aside, Dr. Oz Is a RINO

Like I said, I had to call out Facebook for their censorship just as I’ll always call out censorship by any of the Big Tech baddies. But that doesn’t mean I’m defending Dr. Oz. For those who need to understand why I’m going to support a different Republican in the race, here’s a video from Jack Posobiec at Human Events:

Next year’s Senate races are extremely important as Republicans need to win back control. We must do what we can to get a real Republican to represent us in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz isn’t the guy.

Image by David Berkowitz, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

  1. Dr. Oz is nothing more than a Panic-Monger, he’s made millions scaring people about germs and food that’s not particularly good for you.

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