FORCED PERVERSION: Biden HHS Director Threatens to Cut Medicare Payments to Hospitals if They Don’t Allow Genital Mutilation of Children

Xavier Becerra

For years, Democrats and Republicans have blamed one another for wanting to cut Medicare and Medicaid, and now it could finally happen. Like some direct order straight out of a communist regime, Biden officials just revealed their plan to cut Medicare and Medicaid payments to hospitals and states if they do not universally allow for the chemical castration and genital mutilation of children.

At a recent health symposium, Biden HHS director Xavier Becerra announced: “We have issued some guidelines that say that a provider who receives Medicare and Medicaid funding, must be prepared to offer “gender affirming care.”

“If you want that Medicaid dollar to come to your state, we’re gonna make sure you check the box,” Becerra demanded.

Biden regime to force genital mutilation of children by leveraging Medicare and Medicaid programs

The 10th annual Aspen Ideas: Health symposium just concluded in Colorado, with various corporate media, Big Tech, and Big Government figures providing insight into their plans and motivations. The symposium featured medical correspondents from CNN, ABC, and NBC News and other health personalities like Chelsea Clinton from the Clinton Foundation. Anthony Fauci was there, too, along with Vivek Murthy, the disgraced US Surgeon General who also worked unconstitutionally with the Big Tech companies to censor dissent against COVID origins, lockdowns, and unlawful vaccine mandates.

Of note at the symposium was Biden’s Director of Health and Human Services (HHS), Xavier Becerra, who sat down in a speech and threatened to cut Medicare and Medicaid payments to hospitals if they don’t allow for the hormonal castration and genital mutilation of children. Becerra refers to these gross violations of children as “gender affirming care” and is now pursuing a communist approach to enforcing these needless procedures on children across the United States.

“We have issued some guidelines that say that a provider who receives Medicare and Medicaid funding, must be prepared to offer “gender affirming care,” he demanded. “We unfortunately ran into a couple of circuit courts that said differently, and so we are now in the process of having to work under those rulings, but we are not going to stop – everywhere we have an opportunity at the federal level.”

Using classic doublespeak, he said: “Again, I go back to yesterday’s conversation. We do not control healthcare. We do not control how gender affirming care is provided or if it is provided. But where we have laws that require you to fulfill your obligations, if you want that Medicaid dollar to come to your state, we’re gonna make sure you check the box.”

Just like that, the US federal government announced their plans to coercively experiment on children’s psychology, pump them full of hormones that destroy their development, and push forth the mutilation of their private parts. This is the federal government plan to pushback against hospitals like the Texas Children’s Hospital, which recently announced they will stop mutilating children.

Over the last few years, the most macabre forms of child molestation have been incorporated into standard medical practices all across the United States. These practices are marketed as “gender affirming care” and are referred to as gender transitions that are necessary to save the lives of children who are on the verge of suicide. Now, in the spirit of communism, the federal government is threatening to withhold Medicaid and Medicare tax dollars from states if they do not go along with the psychological abuse, hormonal torture, and castration of children’s private body parts.

Where is the law and order on this issue that impacts the future generations? Will the courts hold the government accountable for leveraging these programs in a coercive and harmful manner?

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  1. If Becerra thinks chemical castration is such a good idea, let’s see him do it. He obviously needs something to stimulate his thinking in more positive avenues.

  2. How about screw you and hell no. This is illegal in Florida already. Take your Fed Funds and shove where the sun dont shine.

  3. But yet they’re not old enough 9r responsible to be able to buy a gun, drink, drive, vote, or get a tattoo.

  4. It’s time for parents to step up and scream, “we will not comply with the idiocy of the state”. Tell the government to take its monies and shove it, but first Becerra needs to be taken down a notch or two, like being placed before a firing squad for such outrageous proclamations.

    I would willingly protest at hospitals who allow that disgusting practice of mutilating children, but I’ll be damned if will allow the government to dictate what hospitals can and cannot do, especially when it goes against everything that is sacred, AND OUR CHILDREN’S SEXUALITY IS SACRED AND IS NOT TO BE TRIFFLED WITH !!! CAPICHE ???

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