Forget You, ’22!


Doesn’t it seem as if the ignoble nobles running our country into the ground are working overtime to dump extra loads of misery before the year ends?  Now that they’ve plunged the country into an energy and heating crisis by tilting at “climate change” windmills, coal was too valuable to waste on these scrooges’ Christmas stockings.  Let them survive on frozen wind turbines and snowdrift-covered solar panels!

While I have done my best to celebrate the Christmas season and ignore the commie curmudgeons bah-humbug-ing all around, it has felt as if government-worshiping Krampus creatures have been let loose (or are they trans-Krampus, demon-worshiping leftists wearing antlers and spreading Marxist hate?).  Consider the parade of horribles unleashed during just the last few weeks:

Congress passed a two-trillion-dollar spending monstrosity that looks like little more than a long list of bribes and IOUs come due.  The same Uniparty Republicans that could never find spare change for President Trump’s border wall have seen fit to fund every leftist fever pitch imaginable.  Scrutinizing the 4,155 pages of omnibus filth and its 3,213 Democrat earmarks, writer Deroy Murdock bluntly concludes that “Mitch McConnell transformed the Senate GOP into a wishing well for Democrats.”

Handicapping incoming House Republicans’ budgetary powers for the next year, the exercise in printing and burning U.S. dollars (and exacerbating inflation) protects the borders of foreign countries all over the world, while going out of its way to make sure America’s are left wide open.  Manchurian McConnell defends sending another forty-five billion dollars to Ukraine as “morally right,” while Americans from coast to coast are struggling to survive unchecked inflation, unaffordable food and fuel prices, crumbling infrastructure (actual bridges and roads, not the “reparations” and “climate change” hooey leftists now define as “infrastructure”), unguarded borders, the further impoverishment of once-prosperous blue-collar towns, an emotionally-crippling rise in suicides and fentanyl-related overdoses, COVID-1984-initiated wealth destruction, and the prospect of a looming monster recession (which we entered months ago but must not acknowledge — silence, citizen!).

I nearly flew out of my chair when I heard the backstabbing Turtle (flanked by his Uniparty Republican Old Guard) tell reporters, “Providing assistance for the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians, that’s the number one priority for the United States right now, according to most Republicans.  That’s sort of how we see the challenges confronting the country at the moment.”  Which “Republicans” feel that way — the Democrat-supporting RINOs who hate actual Republican voters or the ones who have already been paid off with quid-pro-quo windfalls to their campaign war chests, family-run political action committees, and favorite self-serving “charities”?  I am not surprised that McConnell is willfully blind to the real “challenges confronting the country”; I am surprised that his Uniparty corruption and disdain for normal Americans are so robust that he’d happily spill the beans to the whole world!  McConnell and all who rally by his side sell out America for personal gain and will continue to “fundamentally transform” this nation into another failed totalitarian Marxist State.

Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” confirm that the platform is primarily a Deep State tool for psychologically manipulating and censoring public opinion.  After President Trump’s 2016 victory shocked the cloistered “ruling class,” the FBI dedicated an 80-strong team of agents to monitor and influence Twitter (and who knows how many more interference agents to do the same elsewhere on social media), and the rest of the Intelligence Community got straight to work using the FBI censorship team as a weapon for mass psychological warfare (including blacklisting, deplatforming, and demonetizing any speakers adverse to government interests) against the American people.  

To no one’s surprise, Twitter and bureaucratic agents of the State conspired to suppress COVID information and silence dissenting points of view that contradicted official U.S. government policy “narratives.”  FBI Trump-Russia-collusion-hoaxer-turned-Twitter-executive Jim Baker argued that President Trump violated Twitter policy (thereby deserving suspension and language control) for tweeting just before the 2020 election that he felt better than ever after having recovered from COVID and urging Americans to be resilient and unafraid!  (For Big Government control mechanisms to work, Americans must be kept in a permanent state of fear!)

Brit Hume has digested the tranche of “Twitter Files” thus far released and dispassionately concludes that the purpose of the secretive relationship between Twitter and the U.S. government is perfectly clear: censorship.  Yet even amid the revelation of these grotesque violations of the First Amendment, V-un-IP V.P. Kamala Harris still demands that social media companies spread Democrats’ propaganda in the name of “protecting our democracy.”  And while the U.S. government censors American citizens, it has been caught paying foreign reporters to push climate apocalypse doomsaying across the globe!

With the destruction of America’s territorial sovereignty almost complete and millions of illegal aliens streaming into the interior, the Department of Homeland Security (specializing in its opposite) has issued a “gag order” restricting agents from telling Americans the truth about just how lawless our lawless border has become.

The forced mRNA injections have caused so many injuriesmiscarriages, and “sudden deaths” that now even once-prominent proponents of universal “vaccination” are ringing alarm bells (too little, too late) in their horror.  

The recent midterms proved that U.S. elections are now just ballot pump-n-dumps in which Uniparty operatives simply print scores of ballots, fill them out, ignore signature verification requirements, and collect fraudulent “victories.”  

As if official Washington didn’t have enough money-laundering operations already filling its coffers, the criminals running the government have also been nonchalantly accepting payoffs from a child crypto-king washing billions of dollars from investor accounts into PACs, Ukraine War kickbacks, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic shell companies, and anywhere else accounting trails disappear.

In but one example of education curricula across the country attempting to brainwash children into accepting their fate as automatons controlled by an all-knowing totalitarian government, climate science teachers in the state of Washington have been instructed to prioritize “emotion” over “rational thinking” in their lesson plans and to explore the roles of “sexism in science” and “abuse of power” — in other words, to scare children into believing their planet is dying in a few short years and to indoctrinate their tiny captives into rejecting scientific achievements made by white males. 

Finally, the Biden administration lied about how many jobs have been created; blue-state hellholes are reimposing mask mandatesinfluential people are openly accusing the CIA of having participated in the assassination of President Kennedy; and Congress released its farcically unconstitutional J6 report attempting to keep Trump from office — signaling clearly how much D.C. fears his 2024 re-election.

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For a look at what evil heads our way in the New Year, take a glance at the liberty-crushing goose-stepping of our Western allies:

The World Economic Forum’s subsidiary Dutch government has begun an unjust expropriation of thousands of farms under the unscientific pretense of fighting “climate change” as a means for taking more control of the world’s food supply and eventually squeezing desperately starving peasants into submission.  The European Union has moved forward with new carbon regulations that will necessarily lead to the future imposition of a personal carbon credit system under which all citizen activity is tracked, recorded, and scrutinized.  

New Zealand has released an official guide for turning in potential “terrorists” who dare to oppose government policies.  And as further evidence that freedom of thought is under attack throughout the West, U.K. police officers arrested a woman around Christmas for silently praying outside an abortion facility.

I’m ready to put 2022 in the rearview mirror.  Let’s gear up for the fights ahead.

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