Frank Luntz Needs to Retire

Frank Luntz

Overrated political pollster Frank Luntz admitted last week that he was wrong to prematurely dismiss a Trump comeback.  “Not only can Donald Trump win the GOP primary again, but he can also win the presidency again,” Luntz tweeted.  

Luntz has always struck me as a pretend statistician whose real role is to shill for whatever the Republican side of the Uniparty needs voters to support.  He peddles Deep State lies to ordinary Americans as truth.  He wears a bad toupee, eats his feelings, and is more believable as Chris Farley’s “man in a van down by the river” than House speaker McCarthy’s former landlord.  Still, as unexceptional as Luntz is at polling, he’s the go-to guy for Club D.C. when the ruling class needs to brainwash normal people.  Of course our unpopular policies are popular; Frank Luntz says they are, and he is Science…and Mathematics!  Cringe.

I still remember watching Luntz sitting in the front row of Stephen Colbert’s 2016 Election Night show solemnly insisting through most of the evening that Donald Trump had no chance of winning.  The whole spectacle was intended to be a celebratory yuk-fest for leftists to pat themselves on the backs for being so righteous and brilliant while sticking it to Trump voters and laughing at their misery.  Why a supposedly Republican-leaning pollster would have found enjoyment sitting through a Hillary Clinton coronation reveling in Republican grief is beyond me — unless these Republican-ishy squishes are perhaps Uniparty agents and conservative in name only!  Could it be?

Anyway, President Trump was winning one battleground state after the next (this was before full-on mail-in-ballot election-rigging), Colbert’s pluck had turned to tears, and the polling man from the van down by the river was still insisting that Hillary Clinton was certain to win.  He looked like some mad fool standing on the top deck of the Titanic in the North Atlantic wondering why anyone would abandon ship for such a tiny leak.  It’s just a little bit of ice, Luntz kept insisting.  What’s the big deal?  

Colbert didn’t mean for the night to be funny, but it was downright hilarious.  It was the closest thing to the kind of genius the Monty Python boys regularly created back in the days before Europe and America declared war on free speech.  Wimpy Stephen’s confident tough-guy shtick melted before the cameras.  Democrat voters in the live studio audience gnashed their teeth, grimaced, and cried.  And there sat ol’ Frank, still shaking his head and predicting Clinton victory.  Sheesh, when the Deep State says the fix is in, paid propagandists expect their compromised opinions to look like sophisticated punditry!

So when the guy who resembles a street vendor selling Chicago Red Hots tells the world that Donald Trump can win again, we’re less interested in his “expert” opinion than the reason he has been paid to announce his opinion.  In this case, it appears that Sloppy Frank has been sent out to sound the alarm that Trump’s threat to the swamp is real and will require even more aggressive countermeasures than the banana republic indictments that the Department of (in)Justice has already deployed.  As The Sydney Morning Herald warns apocalyptically, “Leading US pollster Frank Luntz says Donald Trump can re-win the presidency and that if that happens, US democracy could collapse.”

To make sure that the globe’s über-elite take action before the 2024 presidential election becomes a 2016 sequel, Less-than-Frank went into screechy-sweaty-panic-mode during the Margaret Thatcher conference at the Center for Policy Studies in London.  In an interview with Australia’s newspaper of record, Luntz hyperventilated, “It’s now conceivable that in 2024 the country comes apart.”  Ooh, but his opinion must represent Science!, so he added numbers: “We have a 15-percent likelihood of that destroying American democracy depending on what happens.”  Yikes, at least we have an 85% chance of saving democracy! — whatever that is.  

“NATO is in jeopardy,” Luntz continued.  “Ukraine will no longer receive American support.  Our legal system will be in jeopardy — I don’t want to contemplate it.”  Don’t worry, Frank.  The D.C. Deep State won’t ever give up on forever-wars.  As for our legal system being in jeopardy — hahahahaha — that ship sailed long ago once the American people could see with their own eyes the federal government’s rampant political persecution and the reality of two-tiered “justice” under a one-party State.  Can’t put the toothpaste back into that depleted tube.

Needless to say, Luntz’s 180 degree flip-flop from his own “expert” opinion of just last year, when he confidently predicted that Trump is toast, came off more like a barely-disguised call to arms begging for more foreign election interference, left-wing shock troop mobilization, and World Economic Forum funding.  For the global “elites,” taking down Trump is even more vital than saving Ukraine.  To beat back Russia, we must first beat back the guy we framed as a Russian agent!  Globalists, Antifa terrorists, warmongers, and child-groomers, for the sake of One World Government, unite!  It is as if Luntz went to London to rally the English-speaking peoples against their Trumpian foe — except Luntz comes off, at best, as Shakespeare’s fat, vain Falstaff and certainly nothing like King Henry V!

It is always bewildering to watch Luntz and his ilk claim that any Trump election victory will mean the end of “democracy.”  Are democratic elections self-defeating?  Should we pre-emptively end “democracy” in order to save it from the people who might inadvertently destroy it?  Quick, someone fetch a dictator who would be willing to rule over Americans until they accept Luntz’s officially sanctioned “truths.”  As he says, “that’s how voters vote correctly.”  Americans will be granted the privilege of “representation” in government only if they choose candidates first vetted and approved by the Deep State!  Wait, what?  Newspeak doublethink is tough.

If Luntz were honest, he would admit that it is not Trump who poses a threat to America’s system of government, but rather all the Deep State saboteurs, foreign interlopers, and Antifa domestic terrorists who refuse to let ordinary Americans have their say.  

It was the Intelligence Community and (in)Justice Department, after all, that conspired with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to polarize an already divided nation with fraudulent claims that Donald Trump was neck-deep in international espionage as a Russian spy.  It was Democrat liars such as Adam Schiff who blamed Hillary’s election loss on Russian bots.  It was RINO liars such as Mitt Romney who inexplicably blamed Joe Biden’s Ukraine bribery scandals on President Trump.  It was Antifa and Black Lives Matter that laid siege to the White House and burned down cities across the country.  It was the politicized American intelligence agencies and their press corps marionettes that covered up Biden family corruption.  It was a cabal of election manipulators who induced fear over COVID to implement a mail-in ballot (s)election with scant security.  It was a bloc of social media companies that censored Americans from reporting on 2020 election fraud.  It was congressional Robespierres such as Liz Cheney who called for patriotic J6 election protesters to be treated as “insurrectionists” and “terrorists.”  It is Merrick Garland’s DOJ faction that has hunted down and imprisoned Trump-supporters.  It is the Biden junta that now seeks to lock up President Trump for life.

Luntz might not care who set the country on fire, but the rest of America knows.

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