Globalist Climate Cult Pushers Express Frustration That Their Efforts to Brainwash World Are Failing

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

A George Soros-funded think tank has confirmed that not enough people for the globalists’ liking are buying into the climate change narrative, despite decades of aggressive programming and propaganda.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), which also claims billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates as among its backers, published a 115-page report back on June 9 entitled “Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting and Responding to Climate Disinformation at COP26 & Beyond.” In it, the admission is made that the climate cult is not doing so well these days at advancing its agenda.

According to Exposé News, which closely tracks these and other pertinent issues, the document “reads more like an admission their climate alarmist propaganda has failed and, as we previously wrote, the real experts are restoring the scientific definition of ‘climate change.’”

Among the many contributors to the report are the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (“CASM”) Technology, the Conscious Advertising Network (“CAN”), Climate Nexus,, Friends of the Earth, Purpose, Reset Australia and Stop Funding Heat.

The document also contains special acknowledgements to Paula Matlach, Kata Balint, Cecile Simmons, Sara Bundzten and Melanie Smith, all of whom are thanked for their efforts in compiling and contributing to ISD’s so-called “War Room.”

“Why do they need a ‘War Room’ to defend their ‘climate change?’” asks Exposé News. “Is their version of ‘climate change’ so easily deconstructed that they must be prepared to go to ‘war’ to defend it?”

Soros group worries about “super-spreading climate misinformation” online

Even when climate change propaganda is aggressively pushed and promoted to the top of the information heap on social media and in search engines, people are still choosing information that supports a more skeptical view, the report reveals.

On Facebook, a social media platform that actively promotes global warming propaganda, users continue to ignore it and choose alternative and independent content that calls into question the official climate dogmas.

Using the same rhetoric that they pushed throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, ISD further warns that climate misinformation is a “super-spreading” problem online, and that more must be done to steer the narrative in favor of the globalists.

On Twitter, another globalist narrative-pushing social media outlet, there are at least 16 accounts that “super-spread” climate misinformation, along with 13 additional sub-groups that do the same, according to Graphika, which conducted a network analysis referenced by ISD.

“From 25 October to 21 November 2021, tweets and quote tweets from the 16 accounts referenced above amassed a total 507,000 likes and retweets (‘interactions’) on climate narratives alone,” the report explains.

“This includes individuals such as Michael Shellenberger, John Stossel, Bjorn Lomborg and Patrick Moore.”

Shellenberger, by the way, is a bestselling author and one of North America’s “leading public intellectuals on clean energy.” He is an environmentalist, but a “pro-human” one who does not appear to buy into the mainstream climate narratives that Soros and his cronies are desperately trying to push.

ISD is further annoyed that social media “fact-checkers” are letting too much content for their liking slip by and get shared and re-tweeted. Calling fact-checking the “lowest-tier measure” in maintaining the climate narrative, the ISD report states that:

Freedom First Beef

“… we found little evidence of any enforcement against known disinformers, even during critical moments like a global climate summit or extreme weather event.”

The fact of the matter is that without users who question the narrative, social media would already be dead in terms of usage. Nobody wants to use a platform that disseminates nothing but government propaganda, which ISD is demanding.

Facebook, Twitter and the others know this, which is why they are half-heartedly “fact-checking” while leaving the highest use “disinformer” accounts active.

The latest news about the deception of the climate cult pushers can be found at

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  1. Global warming? Wait until we suffer the coming winter. From early indicators it could be worse than normal. Weather like that has an effect on people’s perceptions about global warming. Most people. Nothing changes Looney lefty perceptions. 822 days until the election. If we survive. Prepare. America First. ULTRAMAGA.

  2. 100% incorect

    The Globalist have already won the war

    the massive idiocy of Globull warmiing has infected generations and is irreversible

    We are doomed

  3. Why believe these eco-jihadists when none of their predictions have ever come true? If they had any facts to advance their fear porn, we’d have been encased in ice before reaching the year 1980. Now that that lie failed, they jumped to global warming, which is forever conjuring up a new date for our demise – we have 10 years to fix this; no, we have 12; no, we have 6. Get your story straight! The fact is, everyone knows who’s in control: Mothe Nature! And, Mother Nature reports directly to God!

    And, changing the name won’t help you eco-jihadists, either. Climate change was already covered under spring, summer, fall, and winter! So, go back to the holes you came from!

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