Kari Lake Says She’ll Finish Trump’s Wall By Building On Federal Land If Elected, Threatens Biden To Arrest Her


Kari Lake, a former journalist now running for the Republican Party’s nomination to be the next Governor of Arizona, has promised to complete unfinished portions of border wall in her state, even if it means building on federal lands in defiance of Joe Biden.

Lake made the remarks during an appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast, and later uploaded an excerpt to her Twitter account. “Is Joe Biden going to send officials in to arrest a sitting Governor,” wrote Lake. “Try me.”

“Now we’re seeing a crisis,” Lake said in the interview. “First of all, we need to sue the federal government for failing to protect us, and while that lawsuit is working its way through the system, let’s go down and start building the wall,” she explained. “We have many, many miles of Arizona state land we can be building it on, and let’s finish these little gaps.”

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