Kari Lake Speaks to Rasmussen Poll Which Suggests She Won

Kari Lake Won

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who narrowly lost the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, declared Friday (March 17) that she and two other GOP candidates, who also came up short, actually “won,” according to a new poll by Rasmussen.

“NEW Rasmussen Poll Reveals the Red Wave did happen,” Lake tweeted. She then added, “Lake, Hamadeh, and Finchem won according to poll, and 50% of Arizonans say the 2022 Election issues were done intentionally to hurt Republicans.”

She concluded the tweet with, “The Red Wave happened in Arizona. They had to cheat and lie to install their frauds in office. We, the People, will never go away. We demand honest elections.”

Several Conservative online news sources, including Steve Bannon, have picked up on this very newsworthy story. Newsweek ran a headline, “Video of Kari Lake Listing Off Democrat ‘Election Deniers’ Viewed 2M Times.”

This Rasmussen poll Lake referred to came out Friday, and the poll’s summary declared, “Most Arizona Voters Believe Election ‘Irregularities’ Affected Outcome.”

One of the key findings from the poll, conducted with College Republicans United, was “55% of Likely Arizona Voters believe it is likely that problems with the 2022 election in Maricopa County affected the outcome, including 35% who think it’s Very Likely.”

The poll also found, “Of the 92% of Arizona voters who say they voted in the 2022 election, the new survey found 51% voted for Lake, and 43% voted for Hobbs, while five percent (5%) say they voted for some other candidate.”

The poll of 1,001 participants of “Arizona Likely Voters” was conducted between March 13-14 and carries a 3-point margin of error.

Democrat Katie Hobbs was said to have won the election by some 17,000 votes or 50.3 percent. But widespread voting irregularities happened during the voting. Republican Kari Lake filed lawsuits during and after the election to protect voting laws and ensure accountability. They have been denied in the courts. Currently, her case is before the Arizona Supreme Court.

Democrats have a strategy of vilifying Republicans like Kari Lake as they termed her and other Republican candidates who seemingly lose suspicious elections “election deniers.” Lake turned the tables on them in a video where she called out Democrats as “election deniers.” It has gone viral on social media and has been viewed over two million times. Those on her list include “Hillary Clinton and all the Democrats”—later going into some specifics of 150 examples of Democrats “denying” election results. The video goes a long way to call out the Democrats on their hypocrisy in this matter.

“Since 2000, people have questioned the legitimacy of our elections. And all we are asking is that in the future, we don’t have to have that happen anymore. When I’m governor, we’re going to make sure we have honest elections,” Lake said in a press conference.


At the risk of being like all the climate change cult false prophets, I believe Kari Lake will win this legal battle and be the first governor ever sworn into office after proven systematic election fraud. Whether Democrats or RINO Republicans are ever prosecuted for this obvious charade will remain to be seen. Whether she wins this before the Arizona Supreme Court or the Supreme Court of the United States is the only question remaining in my mind. Her proof of election interference is conclusive.

The bottom line is that court justices must step up and uphold the law regardless of party. They need to do what needs to be done. Otherwise, I fear violence will be the next logical step. Americans’ votes and majority rules are sacred to the American psyche.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing,” John Stuart Mill said in 1867.

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Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He describes himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

  1. “and be the first governor ever sworn into office after proven systematic election fraud.”

    If Hobbs steps down and Kari Lake is sworn into office due to proven systemic election fraud; it will not be the first time, even in Arizona…

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  2. Lake is one of the few outspoken leaders on the stolen elections and God bless her for that. But with the courts being corrupt from the county to the federal level, I’m not optimistic this can be fixed by the current system. John Roberts is a one man lawmaker. He wrote ZeroKare and made homosexual marriage the law of the land without a single debate or vote.
    For the first time in my life, I’m seriously bracing for a civil war. While the country is focused on Alvin Bragg and the NCAA basketball brackets, the deep state is planting the seeds for the next election harvest.

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