Lauren Boebert on Biden-Harris Regime Laundering More Money Through Ukraine: “This Is Basically a Weekly Phenomenon”


As many of us have been saying since before the first taxpayer dollar was sent to Ukraine for “aid,” the money pit is endless. It’s no longer making many headlines when massive amounts of money are funneled through Ukraine to fund whatever nefarious plans the globalist elites have for it. Oligarchs are getting paid. Ukraine’s corrupt government officials are getting paid. Other nations are being paid by proxy. It’s arguably the biggest foreign relations con-job since the Iraq Wars.

And the vast majority of Americans, both leftists and conservatives, fell for the official line that it’s all for the Ukrainian people. Meanwhile, the people are seeing literally none of it. Not a penny. But whether you believe the “aid” was justified or not in the beginning, today it has become a joke that isn’t funny enough for many to repeat. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert delivered the unfortunate punchline on Twitter Saturday:

Biden sent $775 million more to Ukraine yesterday. This is basically a weekly phenomenon. He’s spending our taxpayer dollars on a fight that is not ours and doing so without any limit. Why are we allowing this?

Lest we forget, we have zero transparency into how the money is being spent. All we know for sure is that the Ukrainian people are not receiving anything in the form of direct aid and any indirect aid they’re receiving is so minimal, not even the propagandists can muster enough footage to report on all the wonderful ways the money is helping.

We can assume that at least some of it is being used to fuel the war efforts in a counterintuitive attempt to prolong the regional conflict. It’s not nearly enough for Ukraine to actually win as that would require hundreds of billions if not over a trillion dollars and/or NATO’s direct military intervention… but I don’t want to give the Biden-Harris regime any ideas.

For the most part, Americans are ignoring news about Ukraine… and that’s the point. Now that the spigot of “aid” dollars has been normalized, there’s no need for corporate media to sell it to us. A handful of prominent conservatives are still speaking out.

Chuck Norris

Larry Elder: Joe Biden wants to send millions more of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. Instead, why not just send the new 87,000 armed IRS agents?

Kyle Becker: The Ukraine War is *OVER.* Russia is a nuclear power. It has accomplished a ‘fait accompli.’ E. Ukraine speaks Russian & has deep ties to Russia. This is not opinion. This is *fact.* Stop wasting time and money. Sign a realistic peace agreement and let’s all move on, shall we?

I am no fan of Russia. But I am no fan of pointless wars that waste billions & escalate the odds of a more devastating war. Let’s be realists. Ukraine has always been a buffer zone for Russia against Europe. NATO screwed up. Unwind this war and examine ‘lessons learned.’

(The globalists, of course, don’t care. They consider Ukraine to be the ‘semi-periphery’ that they are trying to integrate into the ‘core,’ while marginalizing nationalist states like Russia. That’s is what this is all about: 5G warfare to bring about global ‘convergence.’)

This is similar in theory to Hegelian dialectic, but we’ll spare everyone the theoretical shop talk at midnight on a Friday night.

Joel Pollak: What’s the goal in Ukraine? No one will say

As Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse pointed out, they’re not trying hard enough to gaslight us:

Amid a lengthy op-ed published in The Hill, you will find this paragraph:

Freedom First Beef

[…] “Although the Biden administration has successfully rallied U.S. allies and provided substantial military assistance, including this month, to Ukraine’s valiant armed forces, it has failed to produce a satisfactory strategic narrative which enables governments to maintain public support for the NATO engagement over the long term.”

Doesn’t that paragraph basically say Biden hasn’t been doing enough to produce good propaganda to keep the public interested?

The signatories of the op-ed are a veritable who’s who of U.S. foreign policy intervention, including the same crew involved in the first Trump impeachment effort.

Apparently, they are losing World War Reddit.

The reason the regime isn’t pushing a good war narrative is because it’s not necessary. There are only small pockets of outrage over the taxpayer dollars getting sucked into Ukraine’s black hole. Meanwhile, Americans are suffering.

Image credit: The Conservative Treehouse

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