Lawyers, Liars, and Enablers — Welcome to DC

Lawyers, Liars, and Enablers — Welcome to DC

Remember Kevin Clinesmith? Clinesmith was and remains a Trump-hater. He was also the senior lawyer at the FBI who altered evidence sent to the FISA court. The altered evidence was in part, the reason for the court-authorized surveillance of Carter Page. Thereafter, a cascade of warrants issued that, in turn, lead to the useless but expensive Mueller Report. Durham’s team caught Clinesmith and indicted him. He pled guilty to a felony and was sentenced in January. Clinesmith, acting as a lawyer for the government did great harm to the county and the credibility of the FBI; yet he spent a total of zero days in jail. He was sentenced to probation.

When a lawyer is convicted of a felony, whatever jurisdiction he/she practices in has a BAR, and they are licensed by that Bar. The bar(s) will mete out punishment. Punishments can range from disbarment to suspensions, to reproval. In Clinesmith’s case, the DC Bar, did nothing. He had agreed to a one year suspension then, the Bar did nothing. When a lawyer is convicted of a felony, they are required to inform the Bar within 10 days. Clinesmith, did nothing, and the DC Bar did nothing. Clinesmith is now eligible to practice law, like an upstanding ethical lawyer. He’s officially back in “Good Standing.”

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