Millions of Americans Are Relocating Just Prior to the Great Chaos That Is Coming


Summer is moving season for millions of Americans, and many will end up relocating to an entirely different state.  In the old days, such long distance moves were often prompted by an employment change or by a desire to be closer to family.  But now political and ideological considerations are motivating many Americans to search for greener pastures.

Just about all of us can feel that something has gone horribly wrong in this country.  All around us our society is literally coming apart at the seams, and it has become exceedingly clear that great chaos is coming.  It has been said that birds of a feather tend to flock together, and that is especially true during challenging times.  So now we are seeing an exodus of conservatives to red states and an exodus of liberals to blue states.

The following comes from an article that was recently posted by PBS entitled “Conservatives move to red states and liberals move to blue as the country grows more polarized”

Americans are segregating by their politics at a rapid clip, helping fuel the greatest divide between the states in modern history.

One party controls the entire legislature in all but two states. In 28 states, the party in control has a supermajority in at least one legislative chamber — which means the majority party has so many lawmakers that they can override a governor’s veto. Not that that would be necessary in most cases, as only 10 states have governors of different parties than the one that controls the legislature.

This is really happening. But the article that I just quoted makes it sound like the migration to red and blue states that we are witnessing is roughly equal, and that is not true at all.

For example, hundreds of thousands of people have been leaving the state of California in recent years in search of a better life elsewhere…

More than 500,000 people left California altogether between April 2020 and July 2022.

Many of those ex-Californians have been relocating to Texas.


In fact, approximately 300 Californians moved to the state of Texas on a daily basis in 2021…

About 300 Californians moved to Texas each day in 2021 – a staggering 111,000 people, newly released data shows.

That is double the 63,000 that made the same move in 2012, according to a new report from Storage Café, which examined California-Texas migration patterns over nearly a decade.

And it turns out that lots of companies have been relocating from California to Texas too…

More than 100 companies have moved their headquarters to Texas since 2020, with 40 percent of them coming from California, the study found.

California should be one of the best places to live on the entire planet.

But just like so many other blue states, it has been transformed into a cesspool of crime, drugs, homelessness and violence.

Once upon a time, crime was primarily limited to the bad areas, but that is no longer true.

Let me give you an example.  In one of the wealthiest areas of San Francisco, a gang of children “wielding baseball bats” has been ruthlessly assaulting nannies and young mothers in order to steal their phones…

Children wielding baseball bats are reportedly attacking and robbing helpless mothers and nannies in a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood known for its young families.

Noe Valley, which is also known locally as “stroller alley” because of the many families with young children who live there, experienced 11 phone robberies last week, which authorities believe are linked to a gang of youths who have also lately been assaulting women with bats while they pick up their kids from school, according to the Telegraph.

Two women were reportedly assaulted in the neighborhood last week by a youth who allegedly hit one of the women with a baseball bat and the other one in the face.

Of course San Francisco is definitely not alone.

At this point, we are seeing a rising tide of violence all over the nation.

Freedom First Beef

Over the Fourth of July weekend, at least 150 Americans were gunned down, and that made headline news all over the country

A bloody Fourth of July weekend ended with at least 150 people killed in more than 400 shootings that occurred across the country, according to data compiled throughout the weekend.

Homelessness is also a problem that has started to spiral completely out of control in blue states.

Los Angeles has spent millions upon millions of dollars to try to solve their homelessness crisis, but it just keeps getting worse

Homelessness in Los Angeles skyrocketed over the last year, increasing by 10% in L.A. County and 9% in the city, leaving more than 75,000 people living on the streets of the county in an epic setback for local leaders.

With each passing day, even more Americans end up in the streets of our major cities.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “The Number Of Americans Living On The Streets ‘Has Broadly Risen This Year’”.

Lastly, I wanted to briefly discuss our national drug crisis. More Americans are addicted to legal and/or illegal drugs than ever before. And overdose deaths just keep setting a new all-time high year after year.

In major cities from coast to coast, addicts stagger around like zombies in the middle of our streets as they enjoy getting high, even though they clearly understand that it may be the last high they ever experience.

Things have gotten so bad that cocaine has even been discovered inside the White House for the very first time.  Authorities are telling us that it is a “mystery” how it got there, but others are pointing out that there is one very obvious suspect in this case…

Our country is disintegrating right in front of our eyes. And as it falls to pieces, there will be great chaos, and this will especially be true in blue states and in major cities. If you are going to relocate, I would advise you to do it now.

Things may seem unstable now, but the truth is that they are only going to get crazier from here.

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  1. I left Vegas for Tx 10 years ago because Californians ruined it, now I’m going to have to leave Texas soon. California is a cancer spreading across the nation.

  2. Migration is temporary relief for the fleeing. Those fleeing want to leave behind what they don’t like but bring with them their city culture of drugs, feral children and free stuff. NE PA has been a destination for New Yorkers fleeing from Deblasio and now Eric Adams but have brought their city culture with them. Denver has been polluted with Cali drug users. Texans will find themselves governed by Cali socialists. Urban emigration is metastatic cancer.

  3. With the unequal shifting of human balance from blue states to red and vice versa, it leads one to conclude that the inevitable, eventual 2nd war between the states will be brief indeed. “Blue don’t believe in no stinkin’ guns”. Looks like the South is actually rising again in the context of wealth shifting with the human tide and gunplay can be avoided. Outnumbered is outnumbered..

    1. Unfortunately, guns will be of little use except on an individualized basis. The evil cretins in DC can simply do what Trudeau did to the truckers. When all the money is frozen, millions will simply starve. Guns? How well do they perform against napalm or drone or missile strikes? The US still has enough to subjugate the South just as it did in 1860-65. Never doubt that soldiers will hesitate to wipe out unarmed civilians. Remember Sherman, Sheridan, and their ilk.

  4. The same in Idaho. The exodus from Californians drove up the value of property so much that retirees and Idahoans with working class jobs are being driven out due to the increase in property taxes and the now sky high rent. I know of one young couple who both work full time in decent paying jobs, and they have to now live in a travel trailer, which is essentially being forced into homelessness.

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