New Jersey Teachers Union’s Hypocritical Take On Safety

New Jersey Teachers Union's Hypocritical Take On Safety

 The New Jersey Education Association, the teacher’s union in New Jersey recently weighed in on the Rittenhouse verdict. I lightly covered some of that news the other week, but we’re going to have to rehash that again. It seems that everyone had to weigh in on the fact that Rittenhouse was found not guilty in an event where he was acting in self-defense and fired upon people violently attacking him. Why the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), whom has been embroiled in plenty of their own scandals, had to chime in is beyond many in New Jersey. The profanity laced posts online about the NJEA on their commentary was rather rampant in the 2A groups. Before we get to NJEA’s hypocritical ways, let’s look at their opinion on the Rittenhouse verdict…

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