Oregon Hospital Announces Expansion of Plans to Mutilate Youth in the Name of “Gender Affirming” Surgeries, Which Include CASTRATION

Gender Affirming Children

Following the addition of the infamous Dr. Blair Peters to its team, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) has announced an expansion to its “gender-affirming services,” which will now include castration for the purpose of vaginoplasty and the rollout of “neo-penises” made from the skin and flesh of forearms.

Bringing Peters in allowed for a “considerable expansion of OHSU’s gender affirming services,” the hospital announced, adding that the “notable expansion” will allow for more “advances in the robotic vaginoplasty program” as well as the phalloplasty program.

Despite the fact that both surgeries have extraordinarily high complication rates, OHSU is proud to offer them to children – and not just proud but “incredibly proud,” to quote the facility, which wrote in a tweet just after Christmas:

“Wishing each of you a safe and happy New Year. We have every reason to be incredibly proud of the work we’ve accomplished in 2022! Our most recent On The Cutting Edge highlights some of the accomplishments of our team.”

OHSU added that “[m]ultiple divisions continue to grow with new recruits and programs.” (Related: Vanderbilt launched a “Trans Buddies” program to bully more doctors into supporting the transgender mutilation of children.)

Peters called it “very affirming” to be asked to promote mutilation surgeries at a child and adolescent psychiatry event

Children as young as 10 years old can be admitted to OHSU for “gender-affirming” hormone therapy. Once they are a little older than that, they can then opt to remove and add body parts like Mr. Potato Head – but with actual permanent bodily damage.

Various experimental pharmaceuticals are given to children at OHSU to help them become their “true selves.” And the facility is proud to hand them out like candy as part of its LGBT agenda.

Almost every child that takes puberty blockers ends up also signing up for cross-sex hormones, which are then followed by body butchery and the rest of the horrors available in the normal-to-transgender pipeline of “therapies.”

The OHSU Doernbecher pediatric clinic offers a special marketing handout for children that teaches them how to pronounce the word “fertility.” Children who are not yet able to read, in other words, are the target demographic for OHSU’s body butchery scams.

“Many trans and gender diverse people are interested in keeping, or preserving, their fertility (fur-TILL-uh-tee),” the handout reads. “This is the ability to have biological children.”

For young girls, extracting and freezing their eggs is one option available at the clinic. For boys, they can either provide a sperm sample or have sperm extracted directly from their testicles.

“Should the child continue along the medical transition pathway, the next stage after cross-sex hormones is ‘gender-affirming’ surgery, which can mean a hysterectomy, the removal of healthy breasts and the creation of a non-functional appendage from the skin and flesh of the forearm for female patients, and breast implants, castration and penis amputation for the male patients,” reports The Post Millennial.

Peters made a name for he / they-self with an over-the-top social media presence called “QueerSurgeon” that makes light of the severity of these mutilative procedures, especially when performed on children.

“So many phalloplasty cases on the schedule this fall,” Peters bragged in a tweet back in September. “I hereby refer to this season on my calendar as ‘phall.’”

Freedom First Beef

In another tweet from back on Dec. 2, 2021, Peters made a similar grotesque joke about the popularity of phalloplasty, calling a back-to-back surgery of such “A Double Header.”

After being asked to speak at a psychiatric event involving child and adolescent body butchering last June, Peters tweeted that it was “very affirming” for he / they to be involved in the mutilation of children.

“I love what I do in Plastic Surgery,” Peters wrote. “But this work transcends that.”

More related news can be found at Gender.news.

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