‘Our Last Shot at Creating Change’: People’s Convoy Encircles D.C

People's Convoy

Traffic on the Beltway encircling the nation’s capital was much busier than usual Sunday, as The People’s Convoy of truckers showed up in force to champion freedom and protest COVID-related mandates.

“People are tired, they are fed up” at their freedoms being chipped away, said Kris Young, who was livestreaming the event on Facebook from her truck on the Beltway as her husband drove. “Our kids and our grandkids are not going to be living in the same country that many of us grew up in.”

She called the event “very fluid,” as the truckers decided against clogging the streets of Washington, D.C.

The People’s Convoy on the D.C. Beltway around the nation’s capital on Sunday, March 6, 2022. (Video screenshot)

“We can’t just go in there like a bull in a china shop and lock down D.C. and be infiltrated,” she said. “There is no long-term plans made. We never knew how big it was going to grow from one day to the next and we still don’t know that.”

Young was answering questions live from viewers in her comment stream, saying, “Not only do we not know how big it’s going to grow, we also don’t the know the response we’re going to get from D.C. I’m sure at some point they’re going to want to talk to us. … Talking is great, but we’re demanding action.”

Trucker Stan Sasnak, right, clowns with fellow trucker Reuben from Florida whom he dubbed ‘Sam Elliott’ due to his resemblance to the actor during The People’s Convoy around the nation’s capital on Sunday, March 6, 2022. (Video screenshot)

When asked if she thinks the protest will work, she replied: “I hope it will work. I think this is our last shot at creating change. I believe the country has come together. We’ve said it before: the sleeping giant has been awakened.”


“I think this is a one-shot deal and this is it and this is the time and it has to happen, but it’s gonna take everybody, not just the people here physically in the convoy. Call your state reps, call your congressmen, go to the capitals if you can’t be here with us.”

“We haven’t demanded removal of anybody. However, if that is necessary to get the changes we’re want, that may have to happen,” she continued.

“We want the emergency powers ended which will do away with mask mandates, we want congressional hearings for accepting transparency.”

Trucks park next to each other at the conclusion of The People’s Convoy around the nation’s capital on Sunday, March 6, 2022. (Video screenshot)

In a slice of what could be called less-than-pure Americana, Young caught a glimpse of something she hoped her husband at the wheel didn’t see.

“There’s a girl showing her boobs at the Appalachian Trail overpass! Don’t look, Scott!” she shouted.

After commencing last week in California, the truckers staged at the Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Saturday before making at least two loops around the D.C. Beltway on Sunday afternoon.

(Image courtesy The People’s Convoy)

One Twitter posted drone footage of a fraction of the trucks at the racetrack.

“The movement amassed so many cars that the convoy had to split up and stay in neighboring cities as far as 30 miles away from Hagerstown,” the tweet indicated.

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Some commenters reacting to Young and husband during the event stated:

  • “Great thing about this is there’s people in vehicles from all over the United States supporting these brave truckers and their families. It is the greatest thing.”
  • “Freedom doesn’t take a day off.”
  • “Every trucker that is in this convoy is also not carrying goods — that in itself is making a statement for freedom.”
  • “Can you imagine traffic on a WEEKDAY? Used to live there, now in WEST VIRGINIA cheering you all on and YES, I donated at ThePeoplesConvoy.org.”
  • “I’ve said it before fighting for our freedoms has never been easy, ever! If you’re caught in the congestion, understand this is the way We The Peoples convoy has decided to fight for those freedoms. Yeah it’s frustrating if you’re on that road but understand why they are doing this. I support them, I support the cause to fight for our constitutional rights to stop the mandates. They are unlawful and as such I will go without, I will move over and let them through. God Bless America.”
  • “This is how you protest safely and get your point across. Without burning things down.”

Click here to see more images of The People’s Convoy.

Article by Joe Kovacs from our news partners at WND News Center.

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  2. 10,000 vehicles, not even 10,000 big rigs, out of 3,500,000. 0.2%. What exactly are they going to accomplish? The media is not going to cover it. It is not going to affect people. I think they said they are not going to go into D.C. proper, so they are not going to really affect congress, not that they would affect congress anyways even if they went in.

    1. The vehicles in the convoy are representative of Americans and you are correct, this is part of a revolution that is not being covered by MSM. Crowds of Americans greeted/waved to convoys from overpasses throughout this nation as the convoy passed through, even in seemingly very remote areas. Groups of Americans met the convoys at their stops each night. The convoy was widely covered in conservative press and on facebook, TruthSocial, Telegram etc. Only a small percentage of colonists actually participated in our initial Revolutionary War yet were successful.

  3. Another “INSURRECTION” for the demoKKKrats to throw Americans into the gulag for!

    It’s time for more than group complaining!

  4. If DC isn’t made to hurt, then nothing will happen. A better plan would have just been to park all the rigs. When people can’t get gas, food, or Amazon deliveries THEN people in DC will notice.

    1. You are exactly right!!! This convoy is a joke and a waste of time. How stupid can americans be when they go and make the exact same mistake the Canadian truckers made.
      They will get bank accounts seized, people arrested, trucks hauled off and seized. Nothing will come of this grand mistake.
      I think Americans have totally lost any common sense they ever had.
      Truckers, should have organized and shut everything down. That would be effective, this is just a dog and pony show, at best.

  5. They made themselves feel better and yet accomplished nothing else. America has gone soft. We’re doomed.

  6. The mandates are illegal. The drugs aren’t by definition vaccines, they are EUA so that may not be mandated because they are experimental. Any of these mandates are illegal because of that. The masks are also EUA and that makes their use experimental. Again may not be mandated.

    and yet people aren’t contesting this. In their own documentation each of the main companies admitts that their products don’t prevent disease as is required for it to be a vaccine. They only “reduce the symptoms”.

    This is massive medical fraud and should be stopped on those grounds

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