Prepare for “High Intensity War”: France Built a New Military Hospital


French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the construction of a military hospital in Marseilles, with the facility intended to “prepare France for a possible high-intensity war.” Macron announced that a new military hospital would be built on the Sainte-Marthe site by “the beginning of the next decade.”

According to a report by CNews, Macron said in a statement that the hospital will be able to provide a range of healthcare services. It will also “play a key role in the event of a major war,” the tyrant said, adding that “the next-generation medical center is intended to meet the needs of the army for decades to come.”

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, more and more European countries are rethinking their combat strategies and developing their armed forces.

Many nations are now trying to prepare for a possible imminent conflict, in which the most advanced and powerful combat equipment, excluding nuclear weapons, is expected to be deployed. For France, the new hospital will fulfill the role of being able to “treat more serious combat casualties,” according to Macron, who said the facility will cost the government €300 million to construct. –Remix

This will not be the first military hospital in Marseilles. The Laveran Hospital has been in operation for a long time, but local authorities believe it is no longer modern enough to meet the challenges of the war in Ukraine or future conflicts to come.

Military hospitals went up during COVID too and sat empty as the ruling class continued to lie to the public and tell them there was a pandemic raging.

Bank Failure

France’s ruling class has already taken to warning the public that they will see a massive drop in their standard of living as tyrants invest in wars.

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  1. They’re anticipating a lot of sprained wrists from waving white flags too vigorously.

  2. I hope you build one in Paris just to deal with the injuries caused by all the murdering Muslims you allowed into your country. They are nothing but trouble. Why do you allow them to stay there.

  3. By the next decade? How long does he expect ukraine to drag on? Nato is already running out of munitions and gear, he better build a bunch of hospitals. Russia isnt going anywhere but nato is quickly swiriling down the bowl.

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