Rishi Sunak Barely Survives British Elections

Rishi Sunak

Editor’s Commentary: The globalists must still have plans for Rishi Sunak because he was allowed to continue down his path… barely. This was surprising considering the situation in England and across Europe, but only if you don’t understand the Globalist Elite Cabal controls the outcomes of most elections. With that said, here’s the report from Discern Reporter compiled from corporate news outlets…

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives encountered a mixed outcome in Friday’s elections, losing two crucial parliamentary seats but managing to retain Boris Johnson’s former constituency, dealing a setback to the opposition Labour Party.

The narrow victory in Johnson’s seat provided some respite for Sunak, who now aims to address the high inflation and cost-of-living crisis to narrow Labour’s significant lead in the polls before the upcoming national election expected next year.

Sunak, quick to celebrate the win, emphasized that the national election was far from a “done deal.” Speaking to reporters in a local cafe, he expressed determination to adhere to the plan and deliver for the people.

However, the challenge ahead became apparent with the loss of the once-safe Conservative seat of Selby and Ainsty in northeast England. Labour managed to overturn the largest Conservative majority in a by-election since World War Two, underscoring the demand for change.

Despite this setback, Sunak’s Conservatives narrowly retained the seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip near central London, avoiding the unwanted distinction of becoming the first British leader to lose three by-elections on a single day in over 50 years.


Conservative former minister David Jones stressed the need for economic policies to rebuild support in traditionally strong areas, believing that there is enough time, up to 18 months until the election, to achieve this.

Sunak, a former finance minister and investment banker, has focused on using his technocratic leadership to restore the party’s credibility after last year’s scandals forced Johnson to resign, followed by Liz Truss’s short-lived tenure as the successor.

A series of challenges, including high inflation, economic stagnation, rising mortgage rates, industrial unrest, and lengthy waiting times in the state-run health service, have left the Conservatives prepared for the possibility of losing all three seats.

National opinion polls indicate that Sunak’s Conservatives are trailing Labour by around 20 points, making it difficult for the governing party to secure a fifth consecutive national election victory. However, Labour’s loss in Uxbridge indicates its struggle to secure a clear parliamentary majority.

Renowned pollster John Curtice suggests that a hung parliament is the most likely outcome of a national vote and that Keir Starmer might face more internal party debate about his cautious approach to public finances and policy decisions.

The Uxbridge by-election was triggered by Johnson’s surprise decision to quit parliament after facing accusations of making misleading statements about parties held in Downing Street during the pandemic.

In the election results, the opposition to the extension of London’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) to suburban areas, like Uxbridge, proved beneficial for the Conservatives. They won the Uxbridge seat and hope it will support their candidate in the upcoming London mayoral election.

Overall, the results revealed the Conservatives’ vulnerabilities in rural and traditional strongholds, with losses in Selby and Ainsty in Yorkshire and Somerton and Frome in southwest England, respectively.

Freedom First Beef

While Labour’s loss in Uxbridge indicates the potential fragility of their lead in the polls, the Conservatives continue to face challenges in retaining voters in southern regions.

  1. At this point The Labour Party is a dangerous party. equates to Nazism and allows uneccessary deaths in their communities to get their ways. Labour Party should be ousted and sent to prison. Otherwise they will send their opponents to prison. Just like Trump.

  2. When a Labour Party bring fear to it’s community and its people that it refuses to represent, then there is something very very wrong about this party.

  3. This isn’t hard – stop with the climate hysteria driven green measures that are increasing energy prices and killing not only the economy, but poor people in the third world. It’s not climate change that will kill people, it’s poverty.

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