Separation or Purge? Sharing a Society With the Political Left Is Impossible

Political Left

Of all the social drivers in history the concept of freedom is the most powerful and fascinating. There are many observable objective truths in the world and it’s always important to recognize them, but the idea of freedom is more rare because it is a universal SUBJECTIVE truth. Meaning, it exists inherently in the majority of individuals; we don’t learn it, we just know it instinctively. Most of us share the experience but there is no microscope or telescope in existence that can observe that experience. We just have to trust it, or perhaps, have faith.

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Freedom is not taught to us, we are born with the idea already hardwired. If anything, it has to be conditioned out of us.

We can see the aftereffects of the human experience of freedom in the great upheavals that occur when our societies become too rigid, too controlled and too authoritarian. Some will argue that tyrants have no concept of freedom and this debunks the notion that it’s an inherent psychological quality, but this is a misconception. Many tyrants love freedom, but only for themselves. Like an obsessive compulsive, when the average authoritarian sees free movement within the rest of society all he sees is chaos that needs to be micro-managed. He is so mentally unhinged by the existence of independent activity that he is compelled to crush it and impose his brand of “order.”

If you want to understand the thinking process of the political left today, this is where you need to start. They believe only certain special people deserve to have freedom (or deserve to live), and they are of course part of that group. The rest of us can’t be trusted with freedom because we “think the wrong way,” and so we need to be corralled and fenced in.

This is not to say that some structure within society is wrong, it can be a good thing, but not when it is imposed by an elitist minority of psychopathic people. There will never be any justice within such a system, no fairness and no true progress. Authoritarianism is the opposite of progress; it is the antithesis, and yet these people call themselves “progressives.”

Freedom requires boldness and courage because it demands personal responsibility. When you are free to make your own decisions you are also free to fail, and only you can be blamed for your own failures. This is a terrifying notion for most leftists and collectivists because they believe that they are owed a positive outcome regardless of their actions or merit. They believe it is their “right” to be taken care of by others if they are incapable of taking care of themselves, but this is not equality, this is “equity.” This is stealing wealth and opportunity from more worthy people in order to artificially inflate others that put in little or no effort.

Meritocracy is the most equal system in existence because it is freedom based; equality of opportunity is the epitome of fairness; equity of outcome is the epitome of injustice.

Leftists hyperfocus on race, skin color and sexual identity for this very reason. They are desperately searching for a way to circumvent the obstacles of freedom, merit and individualism. If everything in society can be reduced down to race, then personal accomplishment and responsibility are no longer relevant. In the mind of the leftist, if certain people are inherently oppressed and others are inherently oppressive, then equality of opportunity is not enough and equity of outcome must be enforced.

Making everything about victim group status thereby erases freedom and meritocracy cannot function. All a person needs to do is say “I am oppressed, therefore I am entitled,” and if they meet the broad leftist criteria then they are handed a livelihood or success simply because they exist.

I saw a commercial on YouTube a week ago for yet another social justice documentary titled ‘Everything’s Going To Be All White,’ once again attempting to pontificate on our supposed reign of dominance across every facet of the globe and I could not help but think this entire narrative is nothing more than a cowardly attempt to deflect responsibility. Yes, it’s also an attempt to divide and conquer western nations but how many people are actually watching these race hyped documentaries and TV shows un-ironically? According to the stats and reviews there aren’t very many.

Nearly every claim made in these productions is based on previously debunked social justice misrepresentations of history from books like ‘White Fragility’ and movements like the 1619 Project. If you really want to get an accurate representation of US history in particular and the limited role slavery played in terms of modern social outcomes, then I suggest reading the works of Thomas Sowell, a brilliant black American economist and historian with no bias in his analysis.

Slavery is a mere footnote in our past, not an all encompassing determinant of our present and future as leftists like to argue. There is no legal slavery in America, and there is no one alive today in America who has experience race based slavery or that has been affected by it. Slavery and racism were far more pervasive in nations of brown and black people in history. In fact, some of these countries still engage in various forms of slavery today. If you want to experience actual racism as a black or brown person then travel to a country like China and see how long it takes before you are kicked out of an establishment for your skin color.

White people are not the problem, people who disrespect the benefits of freedom are the problem regardless of their skin.

Freedom First Beef

What we need to understand is that race and oppression propaganda is not really rooted in race and oppression. It appeals to a certain subset of our population because it offers them a way to rationalize their lack of merit and their fears of freedom and consequence. If you can blame white people for all your problems and have this be believed, then the temptation to fail is increased because there are no consequences. Why work hard to make something of yourself if you can do nothing and be rewarded anyway?

By extension, the racism blame game is alluring to many in society because it can be used as a weapon to harm political enemies. When leftists complain about the evils of “white people” what they are really talking about are the “evils” of conservatives and others that do not conform to the leftist ideology. They rarely come right out and say it, but one day the documentaries will switch from “Dear White People” to “Dear Conservatives.” The fight has never been about race, it’s always been about ideals and principles and eliminating the ideals that contradict the leftist mission. This is why they are consistently hostile to anyone conservative, even more so if that person is black.

The leftist agenda is all about diminishing freedom and societal respect for freedom by whatever means necessary. Everything is about management, everything is about centralization, everything is about control. Conservatives and many moderates stand in direct opposition to this.

The most common mistake among newbies in the liberty movement is when they try to explain away leftist actions by bringing up the “false left/right paradigm.” These people don’t understand what this actually means. The left/right paradigm exists at the TOP of the social and political pyramid; top political and corporate leaders pretend to be in one party or the other while in reality they are all working together and implementing the same policies. At the bottom of the pyramid among regular people there is no false left/right paradigm – There is a very real left/right division.

This is undeniable now in the face of the covid and vaccine mandates. For the longest time I have heard people claim that when the push for authoritarianism in the US arrived many conservatives would simple go along with it. Yet, today numerous conservative red states are fighting the mandates tooth and nail while leftist blue states have been suffocated by them. In fact, red states have acted as beacons of rebellion for the world – Without them it is unlikely that the Supreme Court would have dropped Biden’s federal vax mandates. The threat of war is tangible if such mandates are ever instituted, and the Supreme Court knows this.

I have had people ask me in the past why there haven’t been any major actions on the part of conservatives in the US against the mandates and I have to break it to them that there ARE NO MANDATES in conservative places and there haven’t been for at least 18 months. None. Zero. Zip. We don’t need to protest because we stopped the mandates before they could take hold.

As I have said from the very beginning of the pandemic response, if even a handful of states or countries can remain free from covid controls they will inspire people around the world and act as proof that the mandates are pointless. Today, as America continues to beat back the covid agenda there are mass protests in Canada and the UK has cut most of their covid restrictions. Freedom spreads like wildfire once the flames are sparked.

Leftists hate this. Covid, like the fantasy of “institutional racism,” is a tempting vehicle to forward their ideology. If you can convince the public that they are a constant threat to themselves and each other, then it is a small matter to convince them that government needs to step in and protect society from itself and from notions of freedom that might put society at risk. Without covid as a foil the political left has nothing, and so they continue to perpetuate the lie that the virus is an imminent threat to the majority of people when the average Infection Fatality Rate is a tiny 0.27%.

The real question here is, when a group of people hate freedom this much how is it possible to coexist with them? The answer is we can’t.

Anyone who defends merit and liberty will always be a target of those that despise merit and liberty. They will never stop. They will forever be looking for ways to undermine both. If covid mandates and race based propaganda don’t work then they will search for another tool to do the job. If one can say anything “good” about leftists, it’s that they do not give up even when they are clearly outmatched and beaten. The problem is that this dedication to their cause is not based in love or truth, but in zealotry and cultism. They are jihadists, and nothing, not logic, not facts, not reason nor moral principle will convince them of the error of their ways.

So what is the solution? One could suggest that we make it easy for them to leave. After all, if they hate America as much as they say they do then why are they still living here? Probably because most other places in the world are abysmal in comparison. But if we keep them around they will drag the country down to the same terrible level. It’s a conundrum. Beyond that, what country would want them? Social justice is seen as a cancer in many countries and an injection of leftist migrants would be a disaster for them economically and socially, even in nations that claim to support leftist models.

Most leftists would also refuse to leave anyway because they believe they should decide the path of America’s future. As much as they hate this country they see themselves as its saviors.

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Then there is the option of internal separation, which I see as preferable. This is already happening in many forms as conservatives and moderates from blue states relocate by the millions to red states. In my home state of Montana there has been an influx of migrants from blue states and every single new person I have talked to is a conservative/prepper whose family lived in a blue state for generations and they finally got fed up. The vast majority of people moving are conservative minded and they are now congregating.

Why not carry this process forward to its natural conclusion? Red states break from blue states and red counties break from blue state control and we live our lives the way we see fit. Let the leftists continue with their draconian economic and political models and see how well that goes for them. I guarantee they will be in financial ruins within a decade (the list of most indebted places in the country is dominated by blue states) and they will be begging to return to a union with red states (except for the zealots, which would lose influence as they continue to fail).

But this will not happen peacefully because, again, leftists cannot tolerate free activity. Their OCD will not allow them to be content with living in a collectivist state of their own; ALL states must be collectivist before they are satisfied. People are property to them; property of the collective, and people who are property cannot be allowed to make decisions without oversight.

There are people who will naively argue that the establishment wants America divided and separation plays into their hands. Guess what? There is no reconciliation with tyrants and trying to maintain a union with them is the pinnacle of idiocy. There is no union, it is a figment of your imagination. I think the establishment prefers that we stay within the box; that we continue wasting all our time and attention on on trying to hold a system together that is corrupt beyond repair. We will never be allowed to peacefully repair what has been broken.

MPS Vesta

Unfortunately, the only path this leaves is one of violence. Leftists will have to be forced out of positions of power and influence and removed from our culture like a cancerous tumor is cut from the body to save the body. I don’t think this should be the obvious choice. I don’t want it to be. What I am saying is, leftists and their partners in government and the corporate world will force the issue because they cannot help it; like the story of the scorpion and the frog, it’s in their nature to destroy.

They will continue to push and steal and threaten and abuse until they get the inevitable response of a punch in the teeth. Then, they will play the victim like they always do. This crying and gaslighting will have to be ignored. In the end, these people cannot be tolerated in a free culture and their power to harm and enslave others must be removed, one way or another.

  1. Only a complete and total purge of leftist/ Communists will solve this, nothing less will work as they have proven time and time again. They will try to destroy freedom at every turn, any chance they get to take away your God given rights they will take. They cannot be trusted and will not coexist without trying to destroy you and you way of life. Dump them in Venezuela or China if they wish because they proved they can’t be here and live peacefully..

  2. With the communist lefts unfounded relentless attacks on freedom loving Americans over the last 15 years, I don’t WANT to live with them, a PURGE is the only viable solution, nothing less will suffice. Time is ticking..

    1. Only 4 comments here and they all say basically the same thing, the left must be purged. Unfortunately that’s naive in the extreme. Historically it’s always the left doing the purging and there is a clear reason why. The conservatives are generally those who also believe in God. Such a person will defend to the death their family and property, but what the don’t do is strike preemptively. The left will not actively start purging their opponents until they are sure they have the advantage. Unfortunately that time is upon us. The first and most important purge has already been accomplished. The Military. Obama spent 8 years removing or marginalizing the leaders who did not have the appropriate political out look. Trump did very little to remedy this situation. Since Biden, the purge has accelerated, and with the aid of vax mandates, the majority of conservative voices that still remained, are now gone. The lefts control of the military is complete. Add to that the fact that the left fully and completely control the federal government, FBI, CIA, DOJ and every other 3 letter agency and department, means we are facing a juggernaut that is virtually impossible to overcome. The time to stop them was 40 years ago before the Marxists took control of our schools. We dropped the ball. We’ll go down fighting, and it will be bloody, but we will go down.

      1. Cowards words from a coward, obviously.

        You will go down, that’s your choice, apparently. Real Americans won’t go down. Your delusions about the military don’t change reality. 85+% of the military will never shoot real Americans, no matter how many bolshevik officers order them to.

        You file tax returns, don’t you, slave? Have you ever read the 5th Amendment? Why do you self confess? smh

        1. Get ready to purge the demoKKKrat, baby killers. Get your XL18 flamethrower, 110′ range with napalm, at throwflame d0t c0m.

          I’ve got mine. See you at the purge! 😉

        2. The majority of those troops are recent graduates of the Marxist indoctrination centers we call schools. I have the courage to face reality head on. And the reality is we are heading into war with Russia and even if by some fluke we survive, I guarantee you the US is not cimming back from totalitarianism. The only solution was the Gandhi one that the Canadian Truckers are using. It was working and spreading worldwide. So plan B. War.

      2. It is Christianity itself that is the problem for the right. One doesn’t have to be Christian to believe in individual rights and responsibility but Christianity has turned Vikings into pansies. Dogs turn the other cheek. People shouldn’t.

  3. Actually a purge is the only result because the Resetters. which go well beyond the Left to a form of Capitalist Dictatorship that we have never seen, cannot stop. If they do we will purge them for crimes against humanity ala Nuremberg. They rolled the dice betting humans dont have innate desires for freedom outweighing desires for security by govt mandate. But they lost.

  4. I vote purge. The progressive socialists have zero value, are a danger to everyone, and an enemy to all those who wish to remain free. The progressives need to run, and run far, or die. Period. It’s what they want for us, so let’s give it to them instead.

  5. Kudos to the author for saying what I have been saying for more than a year — that the terminally corrupt federal government must be abolished in its entirety and this “union” permanently dissolved. Breaking up was a net positive for the 15 republics of the former Soviet Union; the same will be true for however many conservative republics arise from the former USA. Deport the leftists to the blue enclaves, then let them crash and burn.

    >>Most leftists would also refuse to leave anyway because they believe they should decide the path of America’s future.<< They will leave, if their only alternative is death.

  6. If you did not read this article to the end and proceeded to the comments PLEASE read it. It is brilliant, a master piece of information giving verbiage to what must happen to the cultist left who cannot live in conjunction with others who do not believe or think as they do.

  7. All this beating around the bush… ZOG needs to be purged from the U.S. America needs to be country #109 to expel the tiny-hat tribe. All the left/right, liberal/conservative, black/white, Dem/GOP, Trump/Obama arguments are moot. We need to take out the puppet-masters.

    Q: Who rules you, America?
    A: Those whom you are absolutely not allowed to criticize. (oy vey!)

  8. The first option is a viable but long-term solution as was suggested. Using this strategy, the blue areas will be reduced to city-states with hoards of people and no resources. As indicated, we must expand red America, first by states, then counties, then by neighborhoods. Then Red America demands the military bases on both coasts, that further divide the blue areas.

    We convince our military to stay out of this process and protect us from foreign enemies.

    During this process and for some time following the Red America consolidation, we allow the free movement of people so they can get to their desired location. When the relocation time expires, we build borders around the city-states. In the same move, we don’t allow them to unite. We force them to stay independent city-states.

    Then we wait.

    In the meantime, we call for a new Constitutional Convention and establish individual liberty and free enterprise.

    Then we wait.

    The city-states will implode. The more isolated they are, the faster they fall. The Constitutional Convention will have established criteria for reentering America, such as no voting rights for the city staters for fifty years, creating education systems that teach the American way, and retiring leftists from those systems.

  9. You all say you’re ready for a purge of the left and you want them gone by any means necessary but I guarantee not a single one of you is willing to fire the first shot. Most of you are no better than the neckbeard communist larpers talking about their precious revolution. All talk and no action. The most anyone can do is move to a predominantly red state or county which I myself prefer. Blue states and counties are already seeing mass migrations of people leaving. Places like California and New York City have more folks moving out than moving in for the first time in decades. Why? Because even moderates can tell how bat shit insane the left is and they want nothing to do with it. The tides will turn as they always have. The pendulum is already starting to swing in the other direction. Stop doomsaying and focus on what you can control in your personal lives.

    1. I’ve taken many shots already, wouldn’t call them the first, bc they’re not. Glad to purge DemoKKKrat bolsh scum. Just fulfilling my oath re ‘enemies domestic.

      How many shots have you taken, ‘liberal’?

    2. America used to deport Communists. This was stopped when the Communist Party (to which obama belonged) gained control of our politics and legal structure.
      We can return to that system. North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and China have millions of slots available I’m sure….There are also those cannibalism societies.

  10. Yup, not-so “civil” “bloody-ugly” v2.0 is eventually inevitable cuz the elitist-subsidized woke pukes don’t know any better. After SHTF, the pukes will all skulk off. Best be git’n “red county rural”, “FELLOWSHIPped” – as in closed-quartered GATHERed together/”Remnants GATHERing”/Standing TOGETHER or eventually SWAT-teamed and “adjudicated” ALONE) – Gunned, Gardened and “System-D simplified”. Lock[ed] and load[ed]. NO Fear/Hate when,”… where two or three GATHER together …”, What/Who “abides”? “JC always before me/we” cuz … there are no atheists in foxholes or within defensive perimeters surrounded by gov Fast & Furious-armed roving gangs and/or desperate, displaced, UNrepenting/UNprepared “citYzens/coasters/urbies”. BRING IT and “return this drafted ‘Nam VFW to my Home” (GFR – “Closer to Home”). “Make America Gracious/Grateful Again”. Ooo-rah

  11. Any violence will destroy a noble cause. We need new amendments that will prevent this country from ever becoming an authoritarian Marxist country. Constitutional convention of states.

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