The Republican Political Club Begins 2022 Repeating What They Did in 2021

The Republican Political Club Begins 2022 Repeating What They Did in 2021

Both the Democrat and Republican wings of the UniParty in Washington DC created and support the Fourth Branch of Government. Political candidates from within the party machinery are an illusion of choice. The GOPe wing advance their candidate position today as they did in 2021.

Politico led the effort in January 2021 to keep former South Carolina Governor, and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley elevated in the eyes of those who suffer from battered conservative syndrome {link}.

Today, the Heritage Foundation, the same outfit that provides the approved SCOTUS candidate choices, begins 2022 elevating Haley again {link}.

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  1. Each election I watch with amazement how hard working fundamentalist, patriotic, constitutionalistic tax-payers are consistently fooled by the Republicrat party. And in the same election, idealistic progressives with a bent toward anarchy are as well lied to by their leaders in the Demoncan party. Just as barrack obama promised fundamental change, Donald Trump promised much, in the opposite direction. Neither actually accomplished much while the party apparatchik suckled from the tax-payer tit. The system will never change. It is rigged with an ironclad set of rules that forbid any true return to Constitutional governance.

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