Todd Starnes Highlights the Biden-Harris Regime’s Priorities in One Tweet

Biden Priorities

The Biden-Harris regime is trying to destroy America, but you probably knew that already. In the sea of horrible policies and anti-American rhetoric coming out of the White House today, it’s easy to not have a clear perspective on how hypocritical they really are.

Conservative commentator Todd Starnes gave us some much-needed perspective in a single Tweet:

The illegal aliens who invaded our nation since Biden’s inauguration have cost taxpayers more than $20 billion. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is telling servicemembers to apply for food stamps.

It isn’t just the economy that has been turned abysmal through the Biden-Harris regime’s skewed priorities. It’s the very soul of the nation that’s under attack as they demoralize the proud men and women in our military while propping up illegal aliens who have stolen our sovereignty.

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