What if MAGA Shrugged?

MAGA Shrug

Congressional lizards posing as “leaders” met with China Joe in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, and the wretched gerontocracy that rules over us looked happy as clams to be reunited after the political theater of the midterms.  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kevin McCarthy, and Turtle McConnell all sported sly, devilish grins that suggested they got exactly what they wanted in last month’s elections.  

In undermining MAGA candidates, Turtle’s iron-fisted control over his Republican minority remains absolute.  Up-Chuck and Child-Sniffer Joe still hold the Senate and retain the power to ram more lawless federal judges through confirmation (with Lindsey Graham’s obedient assistance, of course).  Middling McCarthy has such a weak House majority that he will end up playing so much ball with Democrats in the name of “compromise” that “selling out” will continue being Republicans’ favorite sport.  And wicked witch San Fran Nan gets to booze off into the sunset, looking like a winner whose political expertise is so uncanny that she nearly managed to keep her majority during a foretold “red tsunami” election when roughly 70% of the country has consistently demanded a drastic change of course.

The “woke” Marxist puppeteers actually dictating policy from the Oval Office are so giddy with what they have managed to pull off with this new voting system of anonymous and unsecured mail-in ballots that they actually announced “We the People” as the official White House theme for holiday decorations this year — a fairly direct kidney punch against the broad MAGA coalition of voters who use that appellation from the Constitution’s Preamble to rally support for taking back the country from the China-appeasing, World Economic Forum–devoted, anti–free speech communists long in control of the bureaucratic levers of government.  Sorry, “We the People,” only atheists, oligarchs, globalists, and commies welcome at the White House for now!

Watching the Uniparty’s cabal of corruptocrats flaunt their shared victory is downright nauseating.  It’s such a kick in the teeth to see the same people we’ve been trying to cashier for over a decade still in charge.  Even after a Tea Party revolt against Obama’s socialist overreach that ended up securing strong Republican congressional control (before corporate RINO Paul Ryan and the Turtle Tyrant threw those victories away), the election of MAGA Warrior Donald Trump in 2016, and a 2020 election turnout that brought over ten million new voters into MAGA’s ranks, the same swamp creatures who ran roughshod over the stinking, rotten system back then still manipulate the decaying, rancid system yet today.  Uff da!  This is what a hamster on a wheel must feel like.  No wonder our Tribe of Totalitarian Elders looked so spitefully smug for the cameras.  The wishes of the people have been crushed and discarded once again.

While our Establishment Club masters shared gloating glances, I couldn’t help but think of a scene from the movie version of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, when Brad Pitt has the police commissioner in a compromising position and warns him: “Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on.  We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep.  Do not f— with us.”  Contrary to the official propaganda disseminated from the State-controlled press, MAGA is America — a grand coalition of hardworking laborers, parents, veterans, police officers, firefighters, small business–owners, health care professionals, and religious faithful from all backgrounds, cultural affiliations, and walks of life.

MAGA patriots do the lifting, digging, building, and shaping that require sweat, brawn, knowhow, and skill.  They are the first ones to run into peril — whether the danger be on the battlefield, across the street, or in the neighborhood park.  They instinctually sacrifice themselves for others because they value life, pursue virtue, and reject sin.  In other words, they guard America while others sleep!

Digital Dollar Nightmare

That Dementia Joe and Turtle McConnell have joined forces with the Deep State Leviathan to paint America-loving warriors, workers, and patriots as “domestic extremists” feels like an absurd strategic miscalculation that might one day be remembered as the mother of all political backfires.  What could MAGA voters have done differently over the last fifteen years to express their opposition to Washington’s policies more civilly?

MAGA voters pushed back against Obama’s encroaching Big Government socialism by electing overwhelming Republican majorities.  What did they get in return?  King Barack and his wingman Attorney General Eric Holder repurposed George Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s PATRIOT Act into a domestic surveillance system targeting conservative Americans — many of whom had risked life and limb defending the country overseas.

MAGA voters bypassed the traditionally compromised slew of Republican candidates in 2016 and sent a complete outsider to the White House to clean up the system.  Did the Uniparty respect the will of the people?  Of course not.  Establishment Republicans worked with Establishment Democrats and the Intelligence Community to frame President Trump first as a Russian spy, then as the impeachment fall guy for Joe Biden’s Ukrainian quid-pro-quo crimes, and finally as an insurrectionist committing sedition against the United States.  While the Uniparty and Department of (in)Justice have conspired for years to overthrow Trump from office and send him to prison, they gallingly label him an “autocrat” and “threat to democracy”!  

MAGA voters came out in full force in 2020, sending President Trump’s vote totals to new heights for a sitting president, and when lawless mail-in voting and suspicious ballot dumps flipped crucial battleground states days after the election, they chose to exercise their constitutional rights to petition their government for redress of grievances.  How did the tyrants in D.C. respond?  They farcically treated the whole January 6 affair as a terrorist attack orchestrated with intent to overthrow the Republic, even though none of the pro-Second Amendment protesters inside or outside of the Capitol brandished weapons or remotely sought to topple the United States.

For nearly two years, hundreds of peaceful MAGA Americans have been imprisoned in a pre-trial purgatory, while the Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters who orchestrated murder, mayhem, and the worst property damage in American history during the summer of 2020 were quickly released, if they were even arrested.  And while government-directed social media platforms actively support Antifa and BLM political goals in some oxymoronic pursuit of “social justice,” MAGA Americans are openly censored online and purged from the public square.  Forget a two-tiered justice system.  There is no justice system left — just the brute machinery of political persecution administered to torture and dispirit critics of the State.

So MAGA voters have tried electing Republican majorities, electing complete outsiders, protesting, and speaking loudly — and for their peaceful efforts, they have had Republican backstabbers betray them repeatedly, their legitimately elected president fraudulently targeted as part of a running coup d’état, their assembled protests infiltrated by the FBI, their friends hunted down as “terrorists,” their elections manipulated, their free speech censored, and the installed president of the United States declaring war upon them.  At some point, a rational person might wonder how much more MAGA Americans will endure before they simply “walk away.”  

As a clever commenter suggested, maybe it is not time to “ctrl+alt+delete” the totalitarian State, but to “ctrl+Galt+delete” the “Great Reset” and let the Marxist globalists do the heavy lifting from here on out.  Let them fight the wars, police the streets, put out the fires, dig the holes, work the dirty jobs, and build all the things that keep the “woke” feeling safe and comfortable enough to call us “racists,” “clingers,” “bigots,” and “rubes.”  What if MAGA Americans altogether and all at once simply said, “No more”; shrugged their shoulders; and let everything fall down?  What would happen then?

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  1. Easy answer. We’d have our mortgages foreclosed for inability to pay them. We’d be hunting rabbits because we can’t pay for hamburger. We’d be largely defenseless against the Post Office and Department of Home Grown Radish Spiciness Regulations because they have millions of rounds of ammunition, and we won’t be able to afford more than we might have stored. We’d be unlikely to ever find a decent job again because our vehicles would go unmaintained and thirsty for fuel. I’m sure I could go on, but you get the drift. “Shrugging” is a lot easier said than done, unfortunately.

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    1. Would you rather eat crickets, have your children turned into sexual drones, or get killed in one of their wars?We take the battle to them and become like their antifa fighters only much worse. Or would you rather be a slave and accept their power over you in the most heinous ways. Grow up Bullfrog your only at slow heat now, don’t get caught in their roiling boil.

  2. Don’t give up. Trump will win and America will come back. It should be known that the communists were always marching in institutions to destroy America from within.

    One of the leading members of the American communist party said this sometime in the 60’s. “I don’t have to run for President, the democrats are doing the Job for us”.

    If that doesn’t tell you, that the whole Plandemic was to bring in Communism with some forms of the Forth Reich, to which the Nazi didn’t complete. COVID was the mask for the Vaccine which was the Virus and that was with the wicked intelligence of the Nazis. The communist couldn’t have come up with that one, the rest is all communism.

    From handing out cheques to American and all of North Americans. To Affirmative Action, to Cancel Culture to wokeness. This all leads to one word; Communism.

    There are leaders which by the World Economic Forum which were trained to be communistic leaders. While others specifically Justin Trudeau were already communist. Trudeau hates America, like his Cuban Father hated America. In Canada, as a Canadian; Trudeau tries very hard to prevent American foods, businesses in Canada and only bring in Business and foods from all other parts of the world. And let me tell you, most if not all truly suck !

    There is someone whom is all our mother; The blessed Virgin Mary; Russia errors will spread. And that is what is occurring, that is all COVID was; Communism around the world.

    Although anyone who benefits from Communism when this falls soon, will fall as well. Communism never succeeded. China will fall, they will fall hard. And what is happening in the US and Canada and all those who love everything they are getting, and they would just say “Bring on Communism” because it benefits them, those same people will loose it all.

    Then when all is lost, they will leave because the West was not about the American dream, it was about Free America, whatever we can get for Free. Whatever material wealth we can have, hard and fast. It sounds like someone we all know, or should know; The Devil, hard and fast.

  3. Seriously!!! The best single solution that real Americans should get behind.

    RULE OF LAW!!!

    Once again, another pundit completely misses the problem and focuses on symptoms, either it is intentional disinformation or incompetence.

    There is one core problem with government corruption; willful selective enforcement of the law by corrupt law enforcers. The absence of uniform RULE OF LAW is the problem, always has been.

    If law enforcers, at every and all levels, would obey their oath and apply the law EQUALLY to their buddies and bosses, NONE of the lawless acts of the parasite political class would be tolerated.

    Police can arrest DAs/prosecutors for willful selective enforcement of law too, aka OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

    Until the people can arrest police for refusal to enforce laws, and police are held CRIMINALLY responsible for their actions, this rampant lawlessness by political class parasites, especially demoKKKrats, will never end!

    Blind cop suckers disagree.

    How do you get your enemy to support your cause? Falsely claim you hate something to manipulate them into supporting it. Leftists claim they hate the police that enforce their leftist policies, voila, conservatives BACK THE BLUE! Stupid sheep, easily played. 😂

  4. “What if?” “What if?” That’s all conservatives seem able to to these days, wishfully think. We’ve lost it all and are in a stage of denial because the real reality we face is worse than any nightmare. Leftists showed that they are in league with the Devil himself, while conservatives showed that they are lazy, arrogant and too bothered to get out and protest. Only a handful ever even try. And there is no ‘new land’ to flee to like the Pilgrims did. We are truly and royally F’d. Sad but true.

  5. Reading these comments show Trump is right about one thing. Things aren’t bad enough yet when people worry about paying mortgages more than their children’s future. A general strike is exactly what needs to happen. No one will starve to death or lose their house in a few months but the establishment will flinch by then. If Trump was a leader he’d have called for one long ago but he’s not a good leader. He is too easily influenced by the wrong people. He had his chance and there is absolutely no way he wins again. There may not even be an election but if there is the Dem/Rino establishment control the ballots. Quit fantasizing! New leadership is in order and it’s not DeSantis but someone other than Trump and a new approach outside of the box like a general strike.

  6. This is one of the most well written articles summing up the frustration and feelings of loath and contempt for the disgusting, gutless RINOs and the baby-murdering totalitarian Marxist Socialist political class that now runs Washington D.C.

  7. Trump and maga only slows the downward spiral of the usa. If aoc wants $10b for sonething…we should demand $30b. The sooner we bankrupt the sooner we can break up into more similar pieces and go on our way. Countries have not been successful in changing governments with strong police states w/o an economic collapse.

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