Why Should Deplorables Fight for Those Who Hate Them?


What happens when a self-anointed “ruling class” spends years demonizing its own citizens as racist, white supremacist, deplorable, insurrectionist Neanderthals bitterly clinging to their guns and their Bibles?  What happens when the fools in charge censor dissent and throw their political enemies in prison?  What happens when the political Establishment floods the country with illegal aliens while publicly wishing for the quick “extinction” of those proud to wave the red, white, and blue?

Maybe when those same elitist snob-goblins start beating the drums of war, declare patriotic love of country acceptable once again, and call for deep sacrifices to be made in the interest of preserving freedom, the people most needed to pick up a rifle, fight, and sacrifice life and limb instead turn their backs on those who have relentlessly tormented them.  Maybe America’s real protectors just walk away.

Right now, Congress and the White House seem vested in initiating World War III between Russia and the West, and a lot of America’s natural warriors couldn’t care less.  Why is that?  Could it be that our elected officials and their bureaucratic shock troops have spent so many decades betraying American citizens that now many American citizens could never justify dying for a cause supported by those same cretinous manipulators and bloodsucking lice?  Could it be that Americans have no idea why they would rush onto foreign battlefields for the preservation of another nation’s freedoms when their own freedoms are under sustained attack here at home?  Could it be that it makes little sense to get bloody out of a fervent devotion to country when that country’s leaders have spent years denigrating patriotism as nothing more than Nazism?  

Here’s a thought for the champagne socialists controlling both political parties: should you want the American people to back your play against foreign enemies, perhaps you shouldn’t disparage them as enemies, too.  Perhaps it is asinine to mock them daily, hunt them down as “domestic terrorists” for their political beliefs, and add nothing but misery to their lives.  Perhaps constantly trying to start domestic race wars, inflating the costs of fuel and food, and sticking it to white men out of sheer petulance isn’t a winning strategy for building national unity and ferocious loyalty.  

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe the wars of the future will all be fought by politically correct, “detoxified,” androgynous know-nothings marching uniformly into battle because MSNBC, Google, and Teen Vogue tell them doing so will prove they are committed to fighting racism and global warming.  Maybe that gender-confused pipsqueak huddled in a “safe space” because he/she/they/it is afraid of being “triggered” by words or the carnage of free speech is just what the U.S. military needs when going mano a mano against the Russians.  I’m sure those pink pussy hat–wearing womynx are ready to jump out of a good airplane, parachute into chaos, and start slitting throats for good Ol’ Uncle Sam (or is it non-binary Auxnt Sam now?).

Where are all the climate change warriors when their country needs them?  Come on, “gladiators,” get to it!  Go find out what it’s like to fight something that’s fighting back.  Let’s move, wokesters!  Show the mean Russkies how dangerous you are with your ski masks, bike chains, and fondness for attacking people from behind.  All that burning, looting, and murdering in cities across the USA over the last few years had to prepare Democrats’ wannabe soldiers for something, right?


Since the federal government has repeatedly taken a knee to prove its allegiance to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, now’s the chance for America’s leftist paramilitaries to prove that they can repay the feds, stand up, fight under fire, and repel a hostile force advancing with more than just hashtags and slogans.  To the Americans who spend all day, every day trying to “cancel” other Americans for their beliefs, here’s your opportunity to put your keyboard warrior skills to the test.  Cancel or be canceled looks a whole hell of a lot different in the real world, though — far from the protection of corrupt prosecutors, Democrat politicians, and a partisan FBI.  Go with God, I mean Gaia, you Earth-worshiping primitives.  Good luck!

What, no takers?  All those vicious woke-charged tweets against “authoritarianism” constituted the vertebral limits of the left’s backbone?  All of those digital diatribes against “fascism” represented the full extent of our Marxist vanguard’s heroics?  Surely the journalist class — always eager to belch forth their valor and courage in the face of “mean tweets” — is just itching to jump into the fray for the sake of…I don’t know…Ukrainian diversity or some such rubbish.

No?  Oh, my, well, then whom will the governing “elites” send into battle to die on their behalf?  It can’t be the tens of millions of illegal aliens in the United States because their job is to cast votes for Democrats in “fraud-free” elections.  It can’t be the public school teachers because they’re too exhausted from refusing to teach students for two years, taping masks on children, and spreading racism in the form of CRT.  It can’t be the “social justice” crowd because they’re too busy fighting the cesspool of neo-Nazism flaring up at local school board meetings where parents don’t seem thrilled to have boys changing clothes in the same locker rooms as their daughters.  

Oh, shucks — that means regular Americans who celebrate the Fourth of July will have to come to the rescue once again — you know, the ones who work, support their families, and pay taxes — even after the federal government spent the last two years destroying their savings; forcing them to say goodbye to their parents and grandparents from hospital hallways; and banning them from social media platforms for having opinions about the pandemic, the 2020 election, or America’s future.  

How is it always the case that our governing class treats Americans who just want to be left alone with such disdain yet invariably depends upon their service and sacrifice when the seas get rough and the devil comes out to play?  Why is it that the same privileged, corporate-owned and operated, vile Fourth Estate that smiles when the likes of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama castigate ordinary Americans as “deplorable” always turns on a dime to rally patriotic Americans to fight in foreign lands at their behest?

Why is it that Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are always eager to call their own Republican voters “extremist” or “insurrectionist” or “ignorant” yet first in line to beg those same voters to defend their precious “principles” in their stead?  How many different ways can politicians and the globalist cartel they actually serve demonstrate that they despise freedom-loving Americans before those Americans realize that giving the “last full measure of devotion” for those who hold them in contempt only serves to deprive the United States of its best while leaving us with its worst?  

I have no sympathy for despotism in any form — whether it be Russian, Chinese, or Great Reset in nature.  I do think American warriors should think long and hard, though, about fighting for freedom abroad when freedom is under attack here at home.  I’m angry that the same members of Congress who have refused to stand up for the J6 political prisoners could turn around and urge those prisoners’ friends and families to head off to a potential war.  If the political class want blood-and-guts Americans to do their bidding, the prima donnas running that class need to earn the privilege.

What do Congress and the White House look like without a united American people prepared to do battle?  A few hundred powerless “leaders” without anyone to lead.  No rights, no warriors.

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  1. Here, I have been summing it up like this from the beginning: So, the ones repeatedly calling us NAZls, want US to goto war for THEM and send OUR children to die, …..Defending NAZls in Ukraine… Am I missing something here?

    1. Nothing is getting rebuilt. This is the end of our nation. We may have survived the election of people like Obama and Biden but we have zero chance of surviving the people that voted for them which are a malignant cancer on our nation

  2. Well said; the USA doesn’t need us? Well, don’t ask us to fight for you in these shit ass wars. We’ll just weigh-in when the country we were born and raised in comes under attack – our homes and families; not your economic interests overseas. Say goodnight, Gracie.

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